Saturday, May 9, 2009

Meet the artist.


In response to Jason's question on the last entry, I've been grappling with constant format changes lately. The Southtown (in an effort to squeeze the budget) condensed the size for nearly all of the Sunday strips, and in so doing messed with alot of premade work I had. So the strip you saw will indeed need to be chopped up in order to fit the new constraints.

But it was an idea that I didn't feel like trying to squeeze into the usual rectangle. So I messed around with it, and there it is. I can always edit it when the time comes to submit it.

The one in this entry is a bit more conventional, but even this needs to be condensed to fit the new format. Here it is reformatted. You can see the difference.


If I want to have it work both ways, I basically have to create a dummy panel, one that won't matter if it ends up on the cutting room floor. Such is the way of the cartoonist!

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