Tuesday, June 9, 2009

News and body odor issues.


So now I enter the home stretch. I have one final week of Starbucks hell, and then I'm out! Sunday is my last day, so if you want to see me in the green apron, check me out from 7 to 2.

But that's not the only home stretch. We are entering crunch time for getting books done in time for Chicago Con. I have to finish Apocalypse Plan by the end of the month, or it doesn't get printed in time for Raf and I to push it to thousands of nerds.

And on top of that, now we begin drawing Rotten again. And HEY! The day has finally come, Rotten #1 has hit the stands! Check your comic retailer, and if they don't have it, demand that they order it! The success of our book depends on you!

So with all of this whirlwinding about, I probably will not have the Beardo Volume Two ready for Comic Con. I'm actually okay with that, because I want the book to be as good as possible, and rushing it might spoil that. It will definitely be out by fall, and that extra time spent will give me the breathing room to do it the way I want.

In the meantime, there will be plenty of Beardo blog posts. And hey, I'm trying to transition over to this new blog, but I need my readers to come along with me. So if you subscribe here, that'll go a long way towards getting me to make the official transition over. I'd like to be off of myspace by the time the second book comes out, but I'm not going unless you're coming with me!

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