Sunday, July 26, 2009

Wine and sign.


Can you guys see this better?" I removed the stuff on the side there, maybe that'll help. I don't know anymore...

So the book signing went okay yesterday. It wasn't the big hoopla we were hoping for, but we did get some enthusiastic support from people and a few zombie costumes. There were two factors that were definitely working against us...

1. The San Diego Comic Con probably took a lot of people away from Chicago. We were hoping this wouldn't be the case, but I think it played its part. Curse you, San Diego!

2. Apparently, there was a rival zombie costume event downtown. Seriously. Somebody decided to do an impromptu tribute to Michael Jackson that involved people getting dressed up and doing the Thriller dance. Seriously.

Even from beyond the grave, Michael Jackson still beats me.

Thanks to all that came, though. And thanks to Garrett and AF Books for promoting the hell out of this thing. I hope I can do better for them in the future.


  1. The "Subscribe to" box still cuts the last panel a bit, but it's much improved. -Michelle

  2. Also, Venetian Night was downtown. Zombies vs. watching as people far richer and far more important than you rub their extravagance in your face with their lit-up sailboats...tough toss-up. -Michelle