Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Cover for Rotten #7

I'll let you come up with a caption for this one...

In the meantime, two things to mention.

1! I posted a whole folder of pictures from the Comic Convention, labeled "Nerd Fest 2009". Check it out. There was an excellent group of Lebowski characters that I captured for all of time...

2! Apparently, Starbucks wants me to be at the opening of a new store on 159th and Wolf, and (possibly) be the person to cut the ribbon! I don't understand how making fun of their company and documenting the annoyances of being a barista has actually earned me some status, but I'm honored! So it's this Saturday, from 10 to 2. I'll have a table of my books, so come say hi. I think Marco will be playing guitar as well!

And that's what I've got!

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