Thursday, September 24, 2009

Comics Curriculum.

Last night I taught a class on comics at the Lockport Library. It's going to be a regular thing once a month for the next 7 or 8 months, and I'm getting better at it each time (this was the third one I've done). I drew up a bunch of quick little study sheets for the kids, and this one kind of amuses me.


Meantime, I'm finally getting over being sick. Today was the first day that I woke up and felt normal. Unbelievable, it was pretty much a full week of this. Between that and turning 29 on Monday, I can't help but feel a little old.

Boo hoo for me!

1 comment:

  1. The thought balloon is a little more like Thought cloud-drawn-by-a-seven-year-old and is therefore quite charming. So you may be an old man, but you still have the drawing sensibilities of an elementary school kid.