Friday, November 13, 2009

Article in the Southtown about my signing...



  1. The red thing on the back of the boat kind of looks like one of those inflatable promotional guys that look like they are dancing as the air is pumped into them at different rates. Know what I'm talking about? Why did they put one of them on your boat? Big sale on cell phones, oriental rugs, or mattresses?

  2. where is orland park? is that even on a map? oh well, missed out on the mug. hey if i buy AP and both volumes, will i still get a mug?

    peace out

  3. Michelle, that thing is on the back of Carnival cruise ships. It's like their logo in a sense, even their "mascot" is shaped like it. I know, terrifying.

    And heck yeah you'll get a mug, Arnie.