Monday, November 2, 2009

Beardo Volume Two Now Available!


Now is the time to order Beardo books! I am very close to having the website ready, complete with order form. But in the meantime, if you want a copy (and I WANT you to want a copy), email me at

And I have to say, the book looks great. It's nice to see it printed in color, the paperstock looks great, the binding, everything. I might've mentioned this before, but the reason you haven't been seeing alot of new strips is that I've been putting them all in the book. One thing I regretted about Volume One was that all the regulars followers of my blog basically had read the entire book already, there were no surprises for them. So in this book, I believe there are several dozen strips that you haven't seen yet, as well as chapter break imagery and other shenanigans. From the few people who've read it so far, I've been told that they enjoy having new material mixed in with stuff that's been in blog posts. And they really seem to be enjoying the "coffee stain" effect on the chapter breaks. What is this, you say? You'll have to get a copy to find out...

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