Saturday, January 16, 2010

The cats's away, the mouse will play shows.

So Meg has been gone (approximately) since Thursday afternoon. I was supposed to go with her on this Philly trip to her grandpa's 80 surprise birthday party, but due to my chronic awesomeness, I was too booked up.


Seriously though, I really wanted to go. Not for the getaway so much as I really just like her grandparents. So I drew them this...


...a picture's worth a thousand miles, right?

So everyone has been asking me, "with Meg gone, what kind of crazy shenanigans have you been up to?" Whew boy, where do I even start? On Thursday, I drew a bunch of stuff! And then yesterday, I went to a high school and taught a class with Garrett! Holy wild man! Then I exercised! Whew! At night, I played a show with the Workhorse Kings! (alright, that might be a sincere moment of wild behavior) Today, I had some soup! Soup!

It's really been alot like any other day actually, as Meg is a full time worker and student. The only time I usually see her is at night anyway, and I've had band things to occupy each one of my nights. Still, I miss my girl. But she's coming home tomorrow, and I've left all KINDS of dishes for her to do!


Getting back to last night, we had an amazing time. That's two great shows in a row, and it's all due to our friends and fans supporting us. It was especially cool because we were the first act, so once we were done we got to hang out with everyone all night. And hang out we did! Kevin almost got in a fight over a pool table, Marco got hit on by some crazy dame whose boyfriend was right next to her, I smoked a cigar and made a lot of new contacts, and Anthony...well, he's Anthony. The only thing missing of course, was our number one fan. So I dedicated a song to Philadelphia, in hopes that it would give that fair city the strength to tame the wild Meg. Lord knows it ain't easy.

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