Saturday, March 13, 2010


We had a band meeting yesterday with Bill, who will soon be representing us on his label, the name of which I will keep to myself until certain things go through completely. It was a solid meeting, despite the recent news that Marco's going to be less involved over the coming months, and perhaps involved only in a songwriting capacity if we find a replacement keyboardist for gigging.

I had a few dreams when I was just starting college. Make comics, make music. My motivation for them might have started off a little macho, as in "oh yeah? I'll show YOU that you can make a living off of this!" but if I look back even further, I know there was a kid version of me once that just loved the craft and the feeling you get when you make something awesome. And I've been making sure that whatever project I'm working on, I'm working on it with THAT mentality, and not just the "I'll show you" method of making things (although there's something to be said for the latter; I wouldn't have Cyclone Bill without it).

I have always wanted to have a solid album of material that I could be proud of. And so Workhorse Kings are going into the studio April 5-8th and we are attempting just that. Beyond that, we will be making the most of this summer with as many shows at good venues and on good dates as we can get. And ultimately, we'll take it as far as we can go, because I don't want to have much on my regret list when I'm too old to do any of this.

So keep on the lookout, because we will be releasing an album this summer. Boom!

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  1. Signing with a label! That's super impressive. On a slightly different note, I think it would be a good idea for you guys to cover "Nightman." Think about the hilarity.-