Saturday, March 27, 2010



Ah, the old Tinley Perk. A little coffeehouse in the area that had open mic nights and random encounters with people from high school. And there was Jackie and I, who seemed to be the only two people who didn't go away to college, left in a veritable wasteland of confusion.

How's that for puffing up the past?

Let's move to the present...ish. Last night was an amazing night at another coffeehouse I used to frequent in this "Beardo Art School" era - Ashbary in Willow Springs. Workhorse Kings played an acoustic set, but this wasn't your grandma's acoustic set. No, we had a crowd that literally packed the room to standing capacity, a guest singer, and an energy that I'm still high off of. It meant alot to me that we got to play there, that we had such great support from our friends and fans, and that we played so well.

Two interesting things to mention about the night, that had nothing to do with the show:

1. When Jackie and I used to go there about a decade ago (my God), there was a guy who read tarot cards. He's still there, and still doing the cards. I recognized him, and - amazingly - he recognized me. I was half tempted to have him read mine for old times sake, but we had other things to do. Like play, for example. (Side note, I actually have plans for him to be in the book. He gave me an interesting reading one time that has come to be very true.)

2. This guy stopped me to tell me he really enjoyed the show. We got to talking, I find out his name is Tim, and he tells me he's a construction worker. He said he built a handicapped ramp one time, then fell through it and broke both of his wrists. Then he says, "you know what the really funny part is? My last name is Taylor. The people at the hospital couldn't believe it." No joke, his name is Tim Taylor. And his brother who took him to the hospital, well, his name is Al.

What a night.

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  1. JF hearts TK forever!!!!

    I can't believe that tarot card reader is still at Ashbary. Wait, scratch that- I can totally believe it.