Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Signing ad part two



1. Fantastic Mister Fox is amazing. Just watch it, if you haven't already. Shut up and watch it!

2. The Walk-Ins have recorded some original songs. I'm not on them, but Marco is. They are featured on this interview program with Mike Kara. Go to and check it out. I was originally super pissed to hear that I wasn't even mentioned as a band member, until I saw that there was a third part to the interview that mentioned The Deuce and I. Then I just felt foolish. Sorry Mike and Joe! We're playing Charley Horse in Munster Indiana on Friday. Come check it.

3. I wrote a new song for Workhorse Kings, which we hope to have ready for the May 7th show at Goose Island in Wrigleyville. We love playing new material, so we'll see if we can wrangle it together in time.

4. Rotten 8 is pretty awesome. Wait till you see it. And hey, if you go to a comic shop, ask them to order the ROTTEN TRADE PAPERBACK and ROTTEN 7, both of which are featured in this month's previews catalog! Tell them I sent you! It won't mean anything, but it'll sound weird!


  1. 5. and while yer there, ask them to order THE APOCALYPSE PLAN, too!

  2. 6. He's totally right! Get on it!