Saturday, June 5, 2010



This was a fun little part of that memorable trip. For one brief moment, I thought all of our engagement pics, sunburnt pics and partying pics were lost forever on some rundown bus.

New subject, and it starts with the word "wow."

Wow. I listened to the mastered version of our cd. What a difference it makes. See, every time I've ever recorded original music, we've always lost momentum and financing by the time the mastering stage comes in. It would be so frustrating: we'd blow our money on the recording and mixing, and then not even be happy with the result, whether it was because of our performance or the person we hired. So that final stage, where the music ends up being as loud and balanced as anything else you'd hear, never happened.

But now. NOW! Boom! Keep your seats in their upright and locked positions, my friends! Workhorse Kings are coming!

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