Sunday, July 11, 2010

Beardo Fan Art, courtesy of Bobby McDonald

Now, you all know that I love fan art of all shapes and sizes, of varying degrees of effort and whatnot, it's all a huge compliment and a great source of job satisfaction for me.

So with that said, I now say to Bobby McDonald, I say this,"you really went above and beyond, sir." Look at this guy! He drew a whole page!


Now of course, I do have some questions, which I hope will one day be answered.

1. Bobby apparently dropped this off with Garrett at the store. And this isn't the first time that someone has come into his store to have him deliver something to me. When did everyone decide that Garrett was my PO Box? Poor G.

2. In the jars that Bobby has on the wall, one of them reads "Candy Girl." What is IN that jar??!

But hey, it's not over yet. For Mister Bobby also included a little extra something on the BACK of the page!


He knew this would grease the wheels enough to get this in my hot little hands! Tip of the hat to you, Bobby McDonald! Thank you!


  1. TheFlyingGraysonJuly 12, 2010 at 8:39 PM

    Bobby McD, is ME! The comic book geek and alumni circus member. (The name makes sense now, yes?) First of all I'd humbly like to thank an incredible artist for recognition.

    Thank you, Mr. Dougherty.

    There are so many over-your-shoulder critics who will tell you what you're doing wrong, or what they don't like about a person's artwork, down to the way you hold a pencil, and then follow their tirade up with "But, what do I know? I can't even draw stick figures!"... It makes me wanna go home and put on my stabbing shoes...

    The basis of the page is that a Beardo strip was calling me out to join your comic drawing course, and that with a new job, new schedule, much longer commute and a NEED (not intense want, like your course) to join a paramedic school, I do not have the time. I really want to sign up, as I have never had an art class in my life, and I'm completely self taught... If you count "picking up every sketchbook by my favorite artists, and copying them til I learned something" as self taught...

    Getting Garrett to play Mr. Pony Express was perhaps my only means of conveyance with which to deliver the page. I only ever bumped into you when you played the pub I used to work for, with your cover band. Garrett... I see every week... I buy a lot of comics... The back of the page was because I like when he giggles.

    And, the "Candy Girl" jar... WHAT KIND OF WORLD WERE YOU RAISED IN IF YOU DON'T KNOW FROM A "CANDY GIRL" JAR?!?! Wierdo! Outcast! Art Major! Savage!... You haven't lived!

    Looking forward to the next issue of 'Rotten' and plenty more Beardo!!!

    -A fan.

  2. TheFlyingGraysonJuly 14, 2010 at 7:21 PM

    Garrett made it apparent to me that the "Candy Girl Jar" question wasn't just playful ribbing, but that the joke may have been missed all together... The bottom shelf is "Sage, Rosemary, and 'Time'(as in 'Thyme' the seasoning)" and the top shelf is "Sugar, Honey, Honey, and Candy Girl." Maybe I should have included a jar of "Dunt-Da-Dunt Da-Dunt Dah!" after the second Honey...? I can see how that may have gone over some people's heads... It was on the second shelf, after all... But, my shelves are always arranged left to right from practicality to pun/sight gag.