Monday, July 19, 2010

Beardo vs. the Sun


And my air conditioning saga continues. If I seem irritable, it's because I work from home, and I've been sitting in a sweltering hellhole for the past few days. First off, I would like to thank karma or whatever, for making this happen on a weekend ALL three times, when repairmen charge extra, forcing me to acknowledge my inner cheapskate. Secondly, I would like to thank the con artist who charged me twice for the same thing, and then didn't even do it right either time. I find out from a new repairman that the other guy didn't even put in the dye that he charged me for, the dye which was supposed to find wherever this "leak" is.

Third, I would like to thank whatever demons exist that will never let me get ahead financially. I now have a thousand dollar a/c replacement to cough up for, and I am tired of being a thrifty sack of crap that stays at home to save money, only to end up blowing it on maintaining what little I have.

End of rant.

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