Saturday, July 24, 2010

Von Goethe.


The show last night went incredibly well, in my humble opinion. It was great having Allison up there, both on her own and accompanying us for a whopping FIVE songs of our ten song set list. Afterwards, I heard nothing but "damn, that Allison has an incredible voice!" And it is true, and has been since I knew her in high school. If you're enticed by all this praise, check out

It was our first official show as a three piece, and Anthony and I remarked later that we played much better than we expected. It's nice when you can surprise yourself every once in a while. And heck, a huge surprise came when we had our faithful audience singing along to the lyrics, especially the more call and response songs like "Oh Lord", "Miles After Miles", and of course, "Can't Look Back." That's what you get when you combine an actual recorded album with faithful fans and friends. And so I'll close this baby up by saying thank you to everyone who came out last night and made something happen.

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