Monday, August 2, 2010

Happy Birthday Mom!

Yep, today is my mom's birthday. Normally, she would tell you she's 28. But seeing as how her oldest son is about to be 30, I don't think that line will hold water anymore. So I think the new line is that she adopted a child older than she was. That makes more sense, right?

Anyway, her birthday comes on the heels of a hella weekend, in which I helped move Meg's mom into her new place, then moved Garrett into our place, babysat our niece, and then woke up Sunday and went to our bridal shower. First off, let me say how grateful we were to have our dear friends and family gather together to celebrate with us. Everyone was incredibly generous and thoughtful, and we were really honored to have such a bash thrown for us.

With that said, it is weird being the only guy in a room full of women! Really weird!

And now it is my mom's birthday. And we could've celebrated this weekend, but she was selfless enough to push it back to next weekend. That's how she is. So here's a Beardo just for her.


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