Tuesday, September 7, 2010

You Just Got Blago-ed.


It's been nice having the windows open the past few days. Helps to air out the stink of creating comics.

In other news, we had a great time babysitting little Andrew on Sunday. I think he had a good time too, but until he learns to talk, we won't know for sure.

And finally, my band Workhorse Kings set up a NEW facebook page, since our original one wasn't set up as a band, but rather as a person. SO! If you're a fan, please like the new page. I know it sounds annoying, but it really helps. When venues go to book us, the amount of fans on your page DOES factor into their decision. So your "like" matters!


  1. Oh no, look at that hair!

  2. Andrew had a great time- I could tell because when he woke up Sunday night and saw our faces instead of your faces, he seemed upset. Thanks again, you two!!!

    - Jackie