Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Beard Scratching and The Fall TV Lineup


Well, I guess Blogger is still letting me upload images today. But - as promised - I am going to give my incredibly revered and valued opinion on one of the most important topics facing our nation today: The Fall TV lineup.

What an exciting season it's been, filled with surprises and disappointments alike! Now, I haven't watched EVERYTHING, because I do have somewhat of a life to live, but there are some shows to point out:

1. Boardwalk Empire! TV Guide isn't kidding, it's the BEST new show of the season, probably the best SHOW of the season, period! How can it not be when they spent 15 million on the pilot alone! Once again, HBO gives us something that's not TV, it's HB frigging Oh! They've been kinda treading water with me for the past few years, but it's not fair to expect them to always have something of the same caliber of The Sopranos or The Wire. (I have yet to give True Blood a fair shot, so take it easy, vampire lovers)

But this show is amazing. One of those perfect casts, so many interweaving storylines that are all interesting in their own right, amazing cinematography and set design. Heck, you could turn off the sound and just watch how BEAUTIFUL everything looks.

If you have Uverse and HBO, they have all of the current episodes up on the On Demand. And while you're there, check out...

2. Eastbound and Down! I love a show that lets you catch up on it in one afternoon! There's currently only 8 or 9 episodes (over two seasons, no less) to watch, but they are crude and hilarious! And if that weren't enough, you get Will Ferrell with the most beautiful mane of hair ever, on top of his game!

3. 30 Rock: Hell yeah, 30 Rock! The live episode could've been a disaster, except...wait, no, it couldn't be a disaster! Have you seen their cast? And the guest stars? And the fact that they have the crew and stage of SNL at their disposal?

I have yet to see the west coast version, but just the fact that they'd do two live performances of the show only adds to how cool this concept is...

4. The Office: Well, they can't all be winners. It's not bad, but reruns on TBS have become the reminder of how great this show once was. So far, the only episode I truly enjoyed was Andy's Sweeney Todd performance.

Everyone has an opinion on WHEN this show took a nose dive, I humbly submit that the Pam/Jim wedding is that moment for me. The scariest part of this is that Steve Carrell is leaving after this season, but I have yet to hear that the show will end with that. Does anyone remember That 70's Show after Ashton Kutcher and Topher Grace left? I don't either.

5. Community: Getting back to the good stuff! Garrett bought season 1 on DVD, allowing me to rewatch and remind myself of how fun and insanely clever this show is. Season 2 keeps it alive, and I think my favorite episode so far was the one where Jeff goes to the lawyer party.

6. Outsourced: Only watched the first episode, but was bored to tears. I have to give it the benefit of the doubt for a little longer, as that ended up paying off with Parks and Recreation, but I have a feeling this one is going to be dead in the water. Watch me be wrong, and an insurgence of Outsourced spinoffs and merchandise buries me alive.

7. South Park: You're always great, don't ever change. One episode in, and I'm happy as a Jersey girl in a spray tan. Unlike the Simpsons, this show has only gotten better over time. I don't even bother comparing Family Guy to it, as there is no comparison. You heard me.

8. It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia: Last season was kind of a stalemate for me, having some great episodes (kitten mittens, anyone?) and some duds. This season so far has been somewhat of a draw. I didn't really dig the first two episodes with Dennis being married, but the boat episode, the pool episode and the hockey episode were solid. C'mon gang, keep it going! I want to love this show!

And that's my story. I haven't watched Mad Men, because we didn't get that channel in time for me to catch the season from the start. But last season was the best one yet, and I've heard nothing but good things about this one. Just don't tell me what happens! But if you have a show you think is good or bad, add it to this post via the comments section. Just please, no cookie cutter cop dramas, we all know they're not bad, but nothing new. And if anyone mentions Glee, they get slapped. I don't care if it's a good show, I'm not watching Glee!


  1. Everyone loves Glee. I don't get it. At all.

    Wait, am I getting slapped now?


  2. No new tv for us in Belgium but I'll take your guidance when i get back. We buy The Office on iTunes, but I'm with you, the edge is gone. The UK version limited themselves to about 10 episodes over two years and a Christmas special - despite it being a huge hit. Maybe we need some of that attitude here instead of milking what was once original until it's about as effective as a Brett Farve pass (of the football).

    We do tend to swap DVD's of shows of whatever our friends have and we've enjoyed "How I met your Mother." It has some cleverly written and directed episodes.

    Cousin Gray

  3. Oh yeah, Tina Fey is a hottie!

  4. I'm happy with my old sitcom reruns. And Real Time with Bill Maher. Yep.

  5. Have you tried out Ugly Americans? The fall season has been weirding me out a little, but what they did in spring was just all sorts of fun. They had less of the gross and more of those gentle sub plots we love.

  6. Not a Modern Family fan? It's what I look forward to during the work week.