Friday, October 22, 2010

Newton's Law


Some of you might have already been on board with this, but just to mix things up on the ol' blog, I'm gonna talk about a project OTHER than Beardo.

Newton's Law got its start waaayyy back in 2005 or so, when Garrett and I first started imagining this insanity. The premise began with historical fact: in his later years, Sir Isaac Newton was entrusted with His Majesty's Royal Mint, and not only invented new techniques against counterfeiting, but also was responsible for tracking down counterfeiters. One of the most brilliant minds ever was also a certified badass. Pretty neat, eh?

But even that wasn't enough for our appetites! We wanted to do something that explored the inner workings of an ego that was attached to such genius. We wanted to make mathematics magical. We were shooting for the frigging moon, people!

And of course, when you shoot for the moon, it takes longer to get there. I had drawn about 80 pages when the old fear started brewing. The fear that we were making something too big for us to handle. So we took some time off, leaving a stack of unlettered pages in search of an ending. I started work on Rotten, Beardo was making some little waves, bands came and went, Garrett read obscure books on opticks, clothing design, mathematics and alchemy. Life went on for awhile, and then...

...and then we couldn't take it anymore, and did what any creative type needs to do to get things done - we set up a schedule, complete with deadlines and structure and - god help us - routines. Good old fashioned time helped us to realize that this book was too cool, we couldn't just leave it to collect dust. We started lettering the old pages and posting them, two pages per week, every week, no exceptions unless one of us was getting married. (wink)

We started January 1st of this year, and we are now at a point where I've been drawing new pages, where we're FINALLY getting to the juiciest portions of the story, the real payoff. The page above is an example of just that, and I drew that badboy in a marathon 7 hour session yesterday! It's on!

So I invite you to read or reread Newton's Law. It's up for free, warts and all, on, just copy and paste this into your browser.

And if you like us, like us on Facebook! We needs fans! Just search Newton's Law, buckle up, and enjoy the ride. Thanks.

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