Saturday, November 13, 2010

Congratulations, World.


Yep, this is another one of those "this really happened" moments. Sometimes I wish life didn't make it so easy to be a punchline. Ha ha ha ha ha..heh..heh...uh.

The wife's had a rough week, which means that I've had a rough week too. But I've had some small comforts. I managed to turn in one of the best covers I think I've ever done, for Rotten. I drew up some legitimately terrifying stuff for Bob Howard, we might've turned this thing into something truly horror-ific. We had a strange show at Elbo Room, but managed to sell some cds. I was confronted by a young man who asked me "has your band ever thought about their fashion?" Which I of course, took to mean "you have no style." The conversation only got more interesting from there.

But Beardo was the real winner in the small comforts department. I was struggling at the beginning of the week with my ideas, which is no good considering I'm pretty much turning them in a week before they go to print. And then the floodgates opened and I think I came up with some real winners. It's funny, Garrett had mentioned this webcomic about some snotty girl who is struggling much like Beardo. Except she has a frigging agent, apparently. So really, she's not struggling, she's just smug and has no sense of what struggling is. G commented that nothing good comes from people who are self-satisfied, as they have no real conflict. I guess I'll be making Beardo for a long time then.

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