Tuesday, February 22, 2011

It's gonna be hard not to let something slip.


A good show last night with Workhorse Kings, even though I required THREE guitars to get through it. I'm starting to wonder if my pick is cursed. I plugged in MY guitar, only to find that it's dead. I don't even know why, the jack isn't loose, I haven't had any indications or forewarnings. But there it is, dead. So the house lends me a guitar that someone left there. I play three songs, and then snap a string. Strumming! I wasn't shredding it up, I was playing the rhythm part on "Can't Look Back!" So the band Big Wig Mechanic was nice enough to lend me a guitar, which was resistant to my bad mojo, and we finished it out. But what the hell!?!?

Anyway, my long weekend is over. Thursday was our show at This Must Be The Place, Saturday was our semi-annual pilgrimage to Volo for a rare friend appearance, Sunday was DanCon, and yesterday's Reggies show rounded it out. And now, the grueling task of working on FIVE books can continue unfettered. Let the love handles grow, baby!

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