Friday, June 3, 2011

Blogging? What the hell is that?


My friend Jackie has a great tagline for her blog: "Remember when blogging was cool?" Jackie is someone who actually makes her blog a thing that it should be, which is to say "genuine." For me, this thing has been a dumping ground for all the stuff I'm working on. And as genuine as that stuff may be, I remember a time when I'd use blogging as a sort of diary. That was way more fun.

I've drifted in and out of this particular blog, mostly due to my uncertainty that I'm accomplishing anything here. (I post everything I'm legally able to post on my facebook accounts). But this particular lapse wasn't my fault, this time - the damn blog wouldn't work! I couldn't type, couldn't insert photobucket code, nothing! I tried fixing it at the time, to no avail. I then gave up, taking it as a sign from the gods that I'm not supposed to be blogging. Because I like to imagine that the gods' first and foremost responsibility is to reach down from the heavens and jack up my blog.

And now, for some strange reason, it's fixed itself! Bringing me back to my initial quandry: what the hell do I do with this thing?!


  1. Write a serial adventure of your beard. It could be a Western! A cyberpunk thriller! A buddy cop action story! Fill it with politics, intrigue, romance, and murder!

    Now I'm all excited...

  2. I had the same epiphany today. Totally redesigned my website and started 5 blogs as different aspects of the projects I'm working on. They're all friends, it's cute.

  3. Just write, dammit! I'll tune in read to hear what you had for lunch or what movie you watched. As much as I love Beardo, I need a little real Dan every once in a while, too.

    Jackie B.

  4. That wasn't supposed to say "read to hear." It was supposed to say "to read." Brain is fried, sorry. The point is PLEASE BLOG.

    Jackie B again