Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Remember when blogging was cool? (trademark copyright Jackie)

Okay, let's blog.

There is a beautiful breeze outside my window, and the sky is super blue with bright white clouds. I will soon be out on my balcony, trying to soak it all in while working. But not quite yet. I've been trying to take a moment before everything to make sure my mind is as clear as I can get it and that I have my bearings. With all the hoopla that comes with being a middle class cartoonist who tries to be everywhere and everything to everyone, (you know the type) I've been getting sloppy lately. Things that I thought I would've had done by now (I'm looking at you, unfinished flooring trim) are still not done. I've been double booking myself for things because I don't take the 20 seconds to write in a damn calendar. I take care of 9 things, and the 10th I can't get to, and then I've somehow become a disappointment to someone.

This will all change, I'm sure. Just like everything, you push yourself a little bit to grow, and lo and behold, you grow a little. And hell, now that I have an iPad (long story short, I was GIFTED an iPad2 by a friend/colleague who is too kind) my life should be all synched up, right?

Really what this feeling boils down to for me is my inability to accept things. If I just keep pushing this square peg, it WILL fit into that round hole! (Who the hell is manufacturing square pegs and round holes anyway? THEY'RE the ones with the real problems.) Isn't it always the way that your best and worst qualities tend to be the same quality. I get all kinds of praise and encouragement for my work ethic and drive, and yet - if you were to see me in my work mentality - you probably wouldn't enjoy talking to me very much. I get as calculating as an Asperger's math quiz.

So I'm going to go sit on my balcony and try to balance this whole business up here (gestures towards skull and it's contents), with all that beauty out there.


  1. Wow, I can really relate to this. How screwed up life can seem if we let it! Hope things work out for you Beardo…

  2. Whatever, dude. I see your letting your wife write your posts now.

    jk! waka waka waka