Friday, June 26, 2009

Good book.


I'm rapidly wrapping up the coloring for the first Beardo book, which means there will soon be a color version in print. I'm really hoping I can get an actual publisher this time around, I also hope that one day I can find a leprechaun riding a unicorn and we can ride off to a pot of gold somewhere. Translation: I'll probably be self-publishing it again.

It's fine, but also a little challenging. Pretty much everything that I'm up to lately is like that. You play in a band, you write things, you draw other people's books. And you think that if you just work hard at it, something will happen. I've amended this goal to this: If I just do a ton of projects, one of them has to land somewhere. And the hope is that wherever it lands, there's enough momentum to carry all the rest of the projects with it.

And that the spot where it lands has the leprechaun, the unicorn, and the pot of gold.

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