Friday, August 21, 2009

Get your own personalized Beardo comic strip!

One of my former coffee customers asked me to do a special strip and write her into it, so that she could have a little Beardo memento to frame at home. So I did this for her. And I could also do it for you as well, for a reasonable price! (ahem, hint hint)


Yes, you too could have your own personalized Beardo strip. Here's how I broke it down.

$30 will get you one strip, drawn in ink on 8 1/2 by 11 high quality printmaking paper. You will get the original artwork, and if I get enough interest in this, I might publish a collection of all of these strips.

$40 will get you all of that, PLUS I will color the strip and make a print of it for you. So you will have TWO versions of your personalized Beardo comic.

As for the content, you can tell me what you want or leave it up to me. It doesn't have to be in the coffeehouse environment, it doesn't even necessarily have to be a "funny" strip. Maybe you want a very meditative think piece. Who knows! Who cares! All I know is I have a wedding to pay for!

I will say that if it is a Beardo strip, it has to be appropriate content. Put it this way, if Pixar doesn't do it, I won't either.

If interested, contact me here or at

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