Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Light Of Day.

There's a foot of snow outside. Normally, I could care less, but I had plans to see a guy's band tonight, and now it's cramping my style. We shall see how brave I'm feeling.

I've been sick the past several days, made worse by three consecutive late night gigs with the Walk-Ins, plus an art show thrown in for good measure. They all went pretty well, and I can now cross "Shared a bill with The Barenaked Ladies" off my bucket list. Or was that the list of "things that I'd rather kill myself than do?"

Seriously, they were awful. And they kind of screwed us without realizing it. See, the schedule was supposed to be BNL from about 6:45-8 (give or take), then immediately us on the adjacent stage for a 2 hour set. I don't know if you've ever played for 2 hours straight, but it's not exactly a walk in the park. So they went on at 7, dicked around ALOT between songs, made fun of The Who, and generally sucked. And then they stopped at 7:45, after a thoroughly uninteresting and longer-than-it-seemed 45 minutes. So we had to go on immediately and play til 10, adding another 15 minutes to an already marathon-esque set.

Congratulations, BNL, on over a decade of me being irritated by your everyman shenanigans.

But the art show was well-received, despite all the snow and such. Sold a lot of books, and even a piece from the "You Got A Boogie" book I'm working on right now. People are asking me what Beardo is up to lately, and I say, "he's simmering." I like to have a little bit of time between books to think, and soon I will spring to action. Currently, I am working on three big projects: the aforementioned "Boogie" book, the usual Rotten goodness, and a new Zoniac Kids book which might actually see the light of day.

And maybe I will too, someday.

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  1. I meant to say "Shorter than it seemed." I think their everyman shenanigans have wormed their way into my brain, polluting it thusly.