Tuesday, February 16, 2010

An entire full ass glass of water.

Have you ever worked yourself into a standstill?

I am not one to realize things easily. Things like, "you will never get ahead." I keep thinking, despite all evidence to the contrary, that if I just keep plugging away, work harder, if I cut back here and scrimp there, there will be something to show for it. But there is always something, isn't there? A tax hike, a breakdown, an investment for the future, just a little here, a little there...

(Side note: I've taken to replacing any alcohol with an entire full ass glass of water. Have you ever tried downing an entire full ass glass of water all at once? It's exciting stuff, and very challenging! These are the things that entertain me for the moment, because I am cutting back on things, trying to get ahead, always trying, never getting there.)

Of course, the thought occurs to me, if you can't get ahead anyway, why fight it? Why not relax a little more? Put down what you're doing! I've tried that, and all it does is remind me that I DO in fact enjoy what I'm doing. I just have to remember that there's more reasons behind what I'm doing than just trying to get ahead.

It's a constant recharging.

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  1. When life gets you down, just think: "Hey, at least I have a beard."