Wednesday, February 24, 2010

This Just In: A Grateful Artist Sighted

Some exciting things happening, and also some tough decisions to make. Workhorse Kings will be recording our second batch of songs this weekend. It should be 3 or 4, depending on how productive we are. The end goal is to have a full length album before summertime, and then to promote it at shows.

When you're doing things like this, there are times when the wind goes right out of your sails. And it seems more and more like the key to being an artist is to create that wind over and over again, with whatever you have. It brings me alot of happiness to be able to say that I'm still excited about and pushing these dreams that I've had since I don't know how long. I think of some of the artists whom I admired that have - for their own reasons, however valid - gone down another path and let go of their craft. Maybe that'll be me someday too, life is crazy like that. But for now, and for a while now, I've been able to really push myself in an area that I'm good at, and I am thankful for the opportunity.

Now, off to draw the last page of Rotten 7, and have a beer. It's been awhile. With the beer, I mean.

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