Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Grey hair.


There is going to be more consistency with my Beardo posts. "Why hasn't there been consistency," you ask? Well...

I've been hard at work on two big projects. Rotten issue 8 has been the bulk of the workload. It's an awesome issue, filled with action, mystery, and even some sexual content. Yep. But I can't show you it like I used back in "the day," because pretty much any panel would give away big changes and developments. So for now, you'll have to wait.

The other big project is the band. Workhorse Kings' debut album is getting closer to being ready with each day, and definitely will be out by the end of June. It's been alot of work on every level; listening and critiquing the tracks, doing photo shoots, getting web pages going, getting legal documents in order, etc, etc. But it will all be worth it when it's finally out, and I hope I've got the support of my friends to help get this behemoth rolling. Help!

These workloads aren't lessening any time soon, and yet I'm adding a Beardo schedule to that. Your next question might be, "why add to the stress, Dan?" Simply put, I've finally reached a point where I'm almost out of fresh strips for the paper, so I have no choice. I have a laundry list of strips to do, I just have to make time to do them. And hell, for the longtime Beardo fans who have been fantastic for four years, you deserve some gosh darned consistency from me! I read this article giving tips on creating a successful webcomic, and one of the easiest but most effective tips was - post consistently. So, game on! I'm rising to the challenge, suckas!

In other news, Meg still hasn't finished her Meg-O strip. But she is even busier than me, so I guess I can't blame her. But I can keep prodding her. (That's what she said! Sorry.) And I just have to mention this, I JUST made the last payment on her engagement ring! It's all hers now!

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