Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Playoff Beard


What's worse than having a fever in the summertime? How about having a broken air conditioner? And having to pay to have it fixed...

I need to chill out. I have a theory that my anger is indirectly destroying appliances around me, like some sort of twisted mutant power. Here is a list of things that have broken in the past week.

1. Vacuum cleaner.
2. Air conditoner (now fixed)
3. Meg's laptop
4. My car
5. My will to live

Trying to get my brain back into the positive mode. Meg's been great. It's funny though, how we keep trading off on who is going to be frustrated and who is going to be cool. It'd be nice to land a day where we're both cool. It'd especially be nice for Meg, since she's been working overtime on the cool shift.

That was a pretty cool line, no?


  1. Why are you so angry? And why can't your mutant anger powers clean up Gulf oil spills instead of terrorizing electrical goods? In short, I have more questions than answers, Dougherty.