Saturday, May 29, 2010

Strong Men Still Cry.


Whew! Had one helluva twenty four hour period. First off, the show last night was great, despite my overall health not being at 100%. We had a great turnout of great friends, all wearing their "Workhorse Kings Fan Caps", metaphorically speaking. The weather was nice, the music was soulful, and all seemed to be right in the world for forty five minutes or so.

Fast forward to today, and Kevin and Kate are one step closer to moving in to their first house. My dad and I assisted in moving them from the condo to a storage unit, as the closing date was pushed back. I love closing dates. They're never when they say they are, are they?

Anyway, we got everything out, and I had just enough to time to hussle over to Alternate Reality to do a comics related video interview with the gentleman known as Tim Davis. His store has the unfortunate luck of having a broken ac unit on a 90 degree day, which only capped off a day of sweating my butt off. But he conducted a great interview, which will be leading up to an in-store book signing coming up soon. I will keep you posted as details become available, of course.

And then I came home and collapsed. Meg is enjoyed some well earned time with a good girlfriend, and I had just enough time to finish this Beardo strip before collapsing in a heap of ecstatic exhaustion. So much, so much, so much...

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