Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Beardo is on twitter now.

Yes, I caved. "All" of the band members of Workhorse Kings got twittered. So if you are also one of the lost souls on this social network, find me at


What's cool though is that you can see all of our feeds on the home page of www.workhorsekings.com. And for anyone who tried to pre-order the cd before today, we apologize but godaddy screwed something up, and we humbly request that you try it again. Obviously, you wouldn't be billed twice, since the paypal part of it works just fine and we haven't received money from anyone we don't know about.

We now know that it works, since we've started receiving people's orders today, but again, with many apologies, we ask anyone who pre-ordered before today to do it again. Thanks.

(Side note: when I put "all" in quotation marks up there, it's because Marco's twitter account isn't really written by Marco. He's too much of a neanderthal to know what a computer is, let alone use one. wink. smiley face. blah. blah. blah.)

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