Saturday, June 26, 2010 goes live!

No pictures today. Why? Because I need your undivided attention, friends and fans. If you've been following my blog, you know that my band Workhorse Kings has been hard at work on our debut album, and a website to support it. Well, I am proud to announce that the website is now live and ready to go. Ladies and gentlemen, please check out

If you go to the music section, you will see that you can pre-order our album, titled CAROUSEL. I know we're living in an age of disposable music and a seemingly endless list of bands all trying to sell themselves to you. That's why I appreciate your support all the more. I can't tell you that we put more or less effort into this recording than other acts, more or less money, more or less time, etc, etc. But I will tell you that we gave it everything we've got, and that's how it should be. So if you're on board, thank you. If not...

...well, you know how persistent I can be! Shoot!

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  1. I anticipate a kicking of ass and taking of names, in both the music and comic fields. Keep on keepin' on, buddy.