Thursday, June 10, 2010

Hawks win!


I had to do something to commemorate the win. A Chicago team wins, you draw a comic about it. That's just what you do.

I think my Dad briefly turned into a little kid again last night, seeing that win. He said there's some commercial or something with a 9 year old kid listening to the Hawks win in his bed with a radio, back when they won 49 years ago. Do you know what this is?. Well, regardless, he related to that commercial, as that was how old he was the last time he saw the Hawks win the Stanley Cup. It was cool.

In other news, You Got A Boogie is now available to order on Amazon. I hope you check it out, it's great for adults and children alike, seriously. And if you DO check it out, be sure to leave feedback on the amazon page, it really really does help in so many ways. It provides legitamacy to the thing, and it actually helps get more secondary info onto it. It's complicated to explain, just trust me. Help out the Boogie!

And finally, another reminder to check out the Apocalypse Plan facebook page and rsvp for our first in store signing! Do it! Do it now!

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