Friday, June 11, 2010

Splish splash


Today, a day of assembling more Newton's Law, some work on Rotten, and then some fun hanging out with Michelle. What more do you need? Tomorrow, a radio interview for Workhorse Kings, a niece's birthday party, more Rotten work, and a gig at Lilly's in Chicago for the ol' WK. And Sunday? Blues fest, baby!

I don't think I've mentioned how happy Meg is with the dental work she had done two days ago. She had some "problem teeth", and the best solution was to give them a nice overhaul. And now? She can't stop smiling!


  1. Thanks for coming up Saturday! Good times! Let's see a picture of you in the Coco shirt!

  2. Hold on just a second! Michelle, I was over on FRIDAY night, not Saturday! You let a Dan imposter into your home! You can tell us apart because I have the sweet Coco shirt, and he has a beretta pressed into the small of your back.