Thursday, August 19, 2010

The noob.


It's preview night tonight at the Comic Covention. Look for Raf and I in the artist alley, table 3100, all weekend. Hours are;

Thursday 5-9pm
Friday Noon to 8pm.
Saturday 10 to 7pm.
Sunday 10 to 5pm.

So you'll know why I'm out of commission for the next few days. However, I'm going to still try and post a Beardo or three, because that's how committed I am to your daily web browsing habits.

In other news, I'm an uncle...again! It's kind of a weird statement, because I won't OFFICIALLY be an uncle until Meg and I are married. But we all know that's gonna happen, because we've paid too much money NOT to do it! Oh, and we love each other and all that mush...

Anyway, Meg's older sister Erin gave birth to a little girl, named...well, that part is still up in the air. Try as I might to convince them, the name Dan apparently doesn't cut it. But I hear she's beautiful, and I can't wait for the con to be over so I can have a moment to see her.

So for now, all of the nerds in Rosement will have to be the baby that I can't see.
Hey bay-bay!

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  1. That's like my sister and "Uncle" Mark. Technically, he's not Andy's uncle until September, but, you know...

    And then there's the whole honorary aunt and uncle thing. And Andy can't wait until he gets to spend a Sunday night with his Uncle Dan and Auntie Meg! ;-)

    - Jackie