Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Oh, it's...cute.


What a day for my ego. Rotten gets a rave review, which you can check out here. I'll give you the highlight, "Dan Dougherty is the series artist and while I thought he was a bit rough and unrefined in the first couple of issues, he has quickly grown into one of the best storytellers in the business. He’s brought his best to each and every panel and it has been one of the treats of the series to see him improve and refine his art as quickly as he has. I hope he is on Rotten for the long haul because it would be too jarring for anyone else to be drawing this. Over the first few issues Dougherty has built a distinctive look to the characters, living and dead, and the world they inhabit and I look forward to seeing how both the art and story develop together. One day, I would love to see him on some other books, but not until Rotten reaches it’s own natural, hopefully far off, conclusion."

Oh, and some other people did some stuff...anyway, the book is out today! Go get it from your local comics retailer! Demand it!

As if that weren't enough, Newton's Law gets a huge plug from Bad Wiring! Check it out here,

What a day! How will my head fit out the door! Who cares!

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