Saturday, September 25, 2010

Bachelor Party Day


This may be my last blog entry. If so, I want it to be known that I've buried all my worldly possessions in a tin lunch box underneath the old willow tree at the park. Yeah, that's right. All of my worldly possessions would fit in a lunch box.

Why might this be my last blog entry? Because my brother and some good friends are throwing me a bachelor party today. And although some of them are scholars, homeowners, even fathers, they seem to all have one ultimate goal in mind: my complete annihilation. The only good news is that if my liver fails, my brother will be there so I may harvest his organs.

I hope I sealed that lunch box. All of those origami swans could be decomposing.


  1. If you die, can I have your beard?

  2. Fear is a powerful stimulant indeed. Haha. This is probably my favorite comic of yours, Dan.