Friday, September 24, 2010

Workhorse Kings advertisement

This is an ad that will be featured in the next "Rockbill" (like a playbill, but more rocking) for Dame Nation. Details to follow, as I'd like to help promote it, since they're helping promote us. But anyway, this is the ad. The challenge we face as a newcomer band is that we don't have the momentum yet. We don't have the quotes we need to get more quotes, the reviews to get more reviews, etc, etc. So what do you do when you have nothing? You acknowledge it, and use it!


The idea came about after I told Bill that it'd be funny to just make up quotes from people who obviously wouldn't review a rock band, like the pope or Dracula. He said that P. T. Barnum, or Barnum and Bailey Circus fame, used to do that all the time. That's when it occured to me, why not give a dead man a taste of his own medicine?

And there you have it...

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