Thursday, September 23, 2010

Beardo Book Sale to Support Dan's Wedding Fund


Hey there, fan of Beardo. Have you ever wanted to fool Meg into thinking that Dan's comics actually earn income?

Do you want to make sure that Dan ties the knot so the ladies of the world will officially consider him "off the market"?

Have you been waiting for Dan to get desperate so he'll reduce the price of both Beardo books by FORTY PERCENT?

Well, today's your day! From now until September 30th, the price of Beardo books has dropped from $20 to $12! Why? Because weddings are more expensive than these two idiot lovebirds realized, and we need every scrap of dough we can lay our hands on! You get a bargain, they get a wedding! Everybody wins! But act now, because these two won't be panic-stricken forever! At least, they hope not!

Supplies are limited, and the sale ends September 30th! To order books, go to:

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  1. You look nice in a dress, hope to see this look more often! Momma mia! Look at them legs!