Saturday, September 11, 2010

Beg, Blago or Steal...


In other news, Meg and I went to a wedding last night for our friends (and neighbors) Julie and Kurt. Since she's an artist, he's a magician, and together they are professional clowns (and I mean that literally), it was quite the show. They had a barbershop quartet, a jazz band, the wedding was in a gazebo, he wore spats, a top hat and tails, they had noisemakers, it was nuts! On top of that, they pulled some shenanigans when they put out place cards with different table numbers for everyone, but then labeled all the tables "7." And there were prizes, and trivia, and it was just wacky. A much needed display of fun and other goodness after the news we got yesterday. So thanks to Kurt and Julie for a night of wackiness, and best of wishes.


  1. Holy cow, this reminds me of that scene in Being John Malkovich where everyone and everything is Malkovich. Only if everyone and everything were Blago, it would be much more horrifying.

  2. u gotta do that table joke at yours!!! please! please!!! pretty please!!!!!