Friday, September 10, 2010

Jack, we will miss you.


I debated on whether to include a cartoon today, given the news I got a few hours ago. I then debated on whether to talk about said news on this silly blog, since it is surrounded by cartoons. The conclusion I came to is that they both serve a purpose here, and it'd be wrong to leave either one out.

Meg and I lost a dear friend today. His name was Jack, and he was a retired schoolteacher who we knew first as a regular customer at Starbucks (since we started working there way back in 03), and then as a friend. We would go to Trivia Night with him, his amazing wife April (who you may or may not know as the talented woman behind the calligraphy on our wedding invites), another dear friend Chere, and whoever else happened to be able to make it. He was highly intelligent, a lover of Sherlock Holmes, and most of all, a kind and dignified man.

If I can be frank, it's a shame that he passed now, just as April retired from teaching. It was one of the first things that came to mind when I heard the news, that there was so much ahead for him. Heck, we were looking forward to seeing him at our wedding, if I can be selfish for a moment. But ultimately, you're supposed to just cherish the good times, right? Either way, one thing's for certain - Jack, we will miss you.

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