Friday, November 19, 2010

Last legs.


Went to Andrew Career Day yesterday. Fun times, hanging out with Dettwiler and Moss, talking to the kids about my career, such as it is. I even sat in on a critique and did a little drawing for the entertainment of the students. Not bad.

Speaking of my career, I've been doing a lot of emailing and snail mailing to companys, trying to get my name out there as well as get Beardo syndicated. So if you're feeling supportive and your letter writing hand is strong, tell the good people at Funny Times how much you'd like to see Beardo in their fine publication. That's...

Funny Times Editors
PO Box 18530
Cleveland Heights, OH 44118

I could use a good letter writing campaign right about now! Anyone who can prove they sent one will get a special Beardo 11 by 17 print. What's so special about it? Write a letter and find out!


  1. I don't know how I would go about finding an 11 x 17 frame. I'm still trying to find a proper frame for "The Big Pezbowski." Nonetheless, I will write a letter. For you.


  2. I am sending a letter tonight i took pictures of the letter i hope thats proof enough. What woulde be the best way to send you the proof?